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How to prepare for your appointment

  • ​Do not work out the day of the procedure. 

  • Do not get any facial treatments or botox 2 weeks prior to your procedure. 

  • Do not  have a sunburned face when coming in for your procedure.

  • You must be off  all Retinols for 14 days prior to your appointment, preferably 30 days. Retinol below the eye area down, is ok.

  • Do NOT take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil and/or Ibuprofen 48 hours prior to your procedure.  Please do NOT discontinue any of these if medically prescribed by your doctor. Tylenol is fine.

  • No Alcohol 24 hours prior to the procedure.

  • Come to your appointment with your eyebrows penciled the way you like them (optional). If you don’t normally pencil them in, don’t worry about it. 

  • If getting lash liner, come with no eye makeup on and NO EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

  • If using eyelash or brow growth serum (Latisse) or there like, you must discontinue use 4 weeks prior to procedure and wait until 4 weeks after procedure before continuing use​ (for lash liner only).

  • Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment​ (for lash liner only).

  • Children are NOT allowed in the studio during permanent makeup procedures.

  • Reminder: Permanent makeup can not be performed if pregnant, breastfeeding or on Accutane with-in the last 12 months (6 months with a doctor's note).  If this applies to you while waiting for you appointment, please contact me to reschedule.

  • Please arrive to your appointment on time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule and will forfeit your deposit.


  • 1 hour after procedure, wash your brows with cleanser provided (Dial Gold), wash lash line with warm water. 

  • Pat dry & let air dry for 5 min (Important skin is completely dry before applying ointment).

  • Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor. Brows/lash line should look shiny, but you should not see ointment. Too much ointment is not good. 

  • Repeat morning & night for 10 days (cleanse, dry, Aquaphor).

  • Keep brows/lash line dry otherwise (no swimming & cover in shower with wash cloth).

  • Do not let any other products or makeup touch the tattooed area for the first 10 days.

  • If you got your lash liner done, you can wear mascara after 24 hours as long as it's a new tube.

  • No working out for 10 days.

  • You will need to get more cleanser. Dial Gold or fragrance-free baby shampoo works well.

  • Hang onto the ointment, it's enough for both sessions. If you need more, only purchase Aquaphor.

  • Your brows will look darker & possibly red-ish the first 5-7 days.  Don't judge your brows the first 10 days. Also remember, they are only 1/2 done after the first session.

  • Avoid potent skincare products on eyebrows, this includes anything extremely exfoliating, acids chemical peels, retinols, skin bleachers.

  • AFTER THE FIRST 10 DAYS Apply a day cream with SPF over your brows to help prevent fading.

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